Making Your Own Personal Death Star: The Dyson Sphere

Ever wondered what our home star- the Sun, is capable of? Read on to find out what a Dyson Sphere can do. What if you could rank civilizations?

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Cobra951254d ago

"A solid shell or ring surrounding a star is mechanically impossible. The form of 'biosphere' which I envisaged consists of a loose collection or swarm of objects traveling on independent orbits around the star."

In other words, it ain't happening, ever, regardless of how much time humanity gets to evolve--which is absolutely no surprise. I can see rings of objects orbiting the sun as a distant possibility; but the idea of encasing the entire star in a shell made of anything is absolutely bonkers. Even if we ever get the capacity to somehow create and move that much stuff, it has no hope of staying in place, or surviving the trapped heat output of a colossal fusion reactor. Ridiculous.

thorstein253d ago

Exactly. The horseless carriage will never catch on.

Nobody will ever travel a mile a minute.

Surpass the speed of sound? Impossible.

Cobra951253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

Oh, ffs. It's one thing to harness thermodynamics. It's another to tell an anthill to build New York City. Let's get real here.

Did you read what I quoted? Did you see its attribution? Dyson himself acknowledged the impossibility of encasing the sun in a solid shell.

jerethdagryphon253d ago

Its not impossible its just very very difficult the shell needs to be biilt in such a way to use the stars gravity to hold itself together you wpuld start buy building large trianglular satellites in the solar orbit of the planet you want the size to be once you have a solid ring ypu begin building other ring s and use thrusters to keep everytjing in the right spin. Next rings are at 90 deg and 9pg to both so you have 3 rings then its filling in the gaps eventually the shell is come plete and you begin terra forming

thorstein247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

I, quite honestly, don't read a lot of what you say as it is mostly ill informed.

You literally used a letter to the editor and Wikipedia as a source. FFS, wikipedia is not allowed in academia and further, isn't even a valuable source... for sources!

You claimed an absolute statement and I called you on it by quoting other absolute statements.