For Robots to Become the Norm, the Industry May Require a Reboot

The importance of robotics is becoming increasingly influential as time goes by. They will only get better with the rise of artificial intelligence, and that makes us very excited for the future. Still, for robots to become the default workers of the new world, the system might require a full reboot.

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Cobra951298d ago

The example given with autonomous vehicles is just silly. Servo loops have been reality for decades. It's no big trick to have an autonomous vehicle compensate with steering input for variable winds, tire pressures, road gradients, or any other factors within the system's dynamic limits. That is a solved problem.

What this article fails to cover at all is the impact on humanity if and when robots take away their livelihoods. That, I thought, would be a key part of this mentioned industry "reboot".

thorstein298d ago

It's time for a paradigm shift. Humans may no longer need to work. Ever. We can learn and grow and live. Robots will do everything and we will have our own leisure. No one need go hungry or homeless. When robots build robots and use tech to solve the problems, then we will be headed for a more interesting times. We can be free to explore the cosmos.