Could future flagship Xperia phones have an OLED display?

Job reports at Sony indicate the company is working towards OLED displayed phones but when they might arrive is up for debate.

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Haurus126d ago

Maybe, if Sony feels they have developed OLED tech to the same level as LCD. The reason Sony has stuck with LCD up to this point is because it still has far more accurate color reproduction than OLED. OLED appeals to the majority of people due to high contrast/saturation (vibrancy) of colors, but it doesn't come close for accuracy.

SRN_Tech126d ago

You're totally right about this. For a majority of consumers, all they see is contrast and the higher it is, the better. With many people growing up on Instagram, I don't see this getting any better.

badz149126d ago

I think it's just easier to lure people into thinking your product is better with the brightness all cranked up to the 11. I've seen Samsung phones being displayed at the store with their ridiculous brightness but guess what, the masses just aren't in the know all that well and all these bright display phones attract attention better.