Amazon's highly-anticpated 4K Fire TV is now available

Apple TV's closest competitor, the Amazon 4K Fire TV, is now available and selling for $69.99.

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blackblades485d ago

Is it good as the nvidia shield, cause I'll be getting the shield for hi10p content and heard it's the only one that can handle it smoothly.

1nsomniac485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

It’s not even close to the shield, why would it be? That’s why it’s a lot cheaper. The Shield is awesome though.

Amazon are supposedly releasing an upgraded higher spec model early next year though. I would still go with the Shield either way though.

steven83r485d ago

What am i missing here. I don't see the point of this or Apple TV or any device like these. If you have a 4k tv it already has built in apps. If you are using this on a non 4k tv then it makes it pointless to pay for 4k.

Unspoken484d ago

You are not the target market for these devices.

blackblades484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

I would say the same including consoles having apps like netflix and all but there are draw backs which you are missing. Nvidia shield you could do alot of thing that the tv can't do. My sony x900e can't handle netflix hdr for some reason, it also has issues playing hi10p and other stuff through kodi to the point of the tv rebooting. The ps4 cant do hdr or certain files, so I rather just get a nvidia then waste the tv processors and solve my issues.