YouTube Takes Down A Content Creator's Channel Unjustifiedly

YouTube has been going through a very rough patch as of late. The service has been very unfriendly towards Content Creators of various kinds. Namely the ones covering topics such as Horror, True-Crime and Creepy. Some of the affected parties have suffered demonetization and Account Strikes. The worst of it has happened to a channel

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MattDavisGR421d ago

Youtube is going downhill slowly but for sure....

KingPin421d ago

as a viewer im starting to lose hope in youtube.
some content creators have had to change their style of videos and others had to limit profanity.
instead of changing the content, why not enforce an age restriction on it instead. at least that way youtubers wont lose their demographic by having to change their style of videos.

as for those that flag videos, youtube needs a system coz there are a few youtubers out there that flag other peoples videos for absolutely no reason just so they can steal the content and remix for their own channels.

Ashlen420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

The profanity thing has nothing to do with age. It has to do with advertisers who don't want to advertise there goods on channels that are excessively profane.

Betty Croker doesn't want her ads on your video where you talk about raping women and spew hate speech about Jews .

Speed-Racer421d ago

I considered starting a small tech channel but with the adpocalypse and this, I've changed my mind.

Ashlen420d ago

If you run a legitimate tech channel you have nothing to worry about from these changes.