Trying to De-Googlify? Here’s four brilliant three Google Alternatives

There is a reason that Google dominates our day to day lives. That it powers our phones, sends our emails, searches the web, and organizes our day. It’s because Google is so damn good at what it does. Google products are generally excellent and well integrated. This has given them a market dominance many companies can only dream of. Yet despite all this success, there are plenty of people looking for Google Alternatives.

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annoyedgamer284d ago

DuckDuck Go + Brave browser.

ajax17284d ago

Been using DuckDuckGo for a while. Hopefully this upcoming Firefox update will be good enough for me to switch back to them.

UKmilitia284d ago

ive got a powerful pc tha can game in 4K,i use firefox for browing but if im honest it s a mess this last few months.
it can even play youtube 4k,yet put chrome on and boom its glorious and i can game in 4k also.
firefox is also dog slow lately,even on my 2nd pc

instantstupor284d ago

That title sounds like word soup. "Four brilliant three" is pure nonsense, but sounds even worse next to "De-Googlify".

Re: article, can't say I blame people for wanting a bit more anonymity sometimes. Google probably knows me better than I do at this point, but I still like to get away now and again. Adding in Ad Blockers and the Privacy Badger tools can help sites from cross tracking you using your unique browser fingerprint and tracking cookies as well. Alternate browsers like Slimjet can also use Google plugins.

WelkinCole283d ago

Hey bing is not that bad.......runs and hide

mcstorm283d ago

Tbh it depends what you use it for. For me I use big most of the time as I work in it and I use mainly Microsoft products. Have a sony xz premium but disabled Google now and use cortana as i prefer how it syncs with my PC at home and work but also use Outlook instead of the Google or built in mail clients due to the ease of syncing them with both my one drive and one drive for business.

Google is a big brand name now and most people think Google is the Internet.

Like i said It each to there own for me my setup fits what I need better than using what other offer.

883283d ago

Love Startpage even more now (they Use Google but with the same degree of anonymity of DuckDuck Go).

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