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Upcoming Flagship From Nokia Will Feature The Mighty Snapdragon 835 With 4GB RAM

There are gigantic names in the smartphone industry which have marked themselves as the leaders in the category. However, once a market leader in the industry itself, Nokia has entered once again in the race towards supremacy.

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KingPin309d ago

i know the specs used in this phone is up there with the best but if they plan to price this the same as an iphone or flagship samsung, they going to put themselves out of the game.

mcstorm308d ago

No this is interesting. I am due an upgrade in sept. So far the Sony xz premium is my phone of choice as LG g6 only has 32bg memory, HTC u11 has no headphone jack and not a massive fan of the front look and I don't like the galaxy phones. If Nokia can pull something off that hits what the other are missing I will look to pick it up

KingPin308d ago

people will be looking at it, but given that the galaxy phones have been tried and tested and are really popular, it will be a hard sell for them to change over to nokia.
people like you and i who arent interested in samsung phones will give this a serious look but we are in a minority here. samsung/galaxy phones are majority of android market share. so yeah, if you plan to get people interested, you have to give them something better at a cheaper price and maybe on the next one, price it up. this is how oneplus got in the game and MS used the same strategy to get into gaming with xbox.