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Elon Musk: Tesla's Solar Roofs Will Be Cheaper Than Regular Roofs & Have "Infinity Warranty"

Elon Musk announced that Tesla's solar roofs would be on sale starting today. Now, he has unveiled key details about Tesla's "infinity warranty."

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annoyedgamer344d ago

Elon Musk does alot of talking, and his concepts are great. But the concepts rarely translate into something affordable and tangible, here is to hoping this one pans out.

Nodoze344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

He sure does talk. I mean he talked about Electric cars being a reality NOW...then produced the Tesla roadster as proof, the Model S as the first fully designed Tesla offering, and soon the Model 3 (which will introduce an affordable electric vehicle for all).

He talked about the inefficiencies of the space program and the fact that the rockets were one time use and discard...then worked to produce a reusable rocket that can land (even on mobile platforms at Sea). He proved this could work, and then showed NASA...yes NASA that you could reuse the rockets when they said it could NOT be done.

Elon is a visionary. He is years ahead in his thinking. So while he does talk quite a bit, you will start to see what he is speaking about come to fruition.

Take a look at the Tesla Hawaii project. Very very cool.

Finally, keep in mind that many of the entrenched entities that today mfg automobiles, rockets, sell you oil, generate your power etc DO NOT want Elon or his companies to succeed. The fact that he has gotten as far as he has, as fast as he has is absolutely amazing.

annoyedgamer343d ago

I wasn't bagging on him and I am very much aware of established industries lobbying against newcomers i.e. Taxi Cab unions vs Uber. I hope he can get this stuff out new, more efficient products in the market are always a plus.

dcbronco343d ago

OMG! The Roadster was a hoax? And those Model X and Ss I see daily in my city aren't real? Don't believe my lying eyes? And there really isn't a Model E(SEX lives on)?The astronauts are going to starve because NASA thinks he has a rocket. And that video of the electric cart in the tunnel he released recently was really found footage from the same area they found the Blaire Witch stuff. What the hell is going on? Please tell Power Wall is real. It all seemed so real. Who stole my ruby slippers?

Guitardr85343d ago

dcbronco...who said anything about a hoax?

NecotheSergal344d ago

The Peter Molyneux of the tech industry, eh? Until customers can buy, show proof of purchase and apply this concept on their PHYSICAL ROOFS - then it's a pipedream, a dream, a reality that may not ever happen - because then big corporations will go "Where does that leave us, who preys on customers who're ignorant and poor, where roofs aren't meant to last for a purpose of making it so they must buy from us again and again?"