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Top Five Paid VPNs for 2017

We recently told you why you should have a VPN, and gave you some tips on how to choose the best VPN for you. If you are serious about your privacy or security and want to use your VPN full-time, we would strongly recommend that you seriously consider paid VPNs.

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Zriley56375d ago

I haven't really messed around with VPNs, but considering our current political climate I should probably look into them lol

Urist375d ago

I think it's worth it, even if you put the political climate aside it helps to give you a bit of protection from loosing your data on public wifi and the like

UKmilitia375d ago

i use nord ,there is a code GETNORDNOW i think it is that gives you a year at over 60% off.
£38 i paid for `12 months and i connect to aus for my afl ccount,usa for my nba,nfl account.
and in uk i always change my IP,even for normal usage.
infact as i type this im in denmark haha.
do not use hola or other free vpns,paid is only way imo

1nsomniac374d ago

Cheers might give it a go. Was looking at VanishIP or ExpressVPN.