Windows 10: Disruptive system reboots will soon be a thing of the past

Microsoft is giving users more control over system updates.

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412d ago
Cobra951412d ago

That's certainly an improvement. But it doesn't solve the main problem: forced updates. This is my PC, which I bought and paid for. It's unacceptable to have an outside intruder force changes into my system unless I agree to the changes explicitly. Even then, I need to be able to choose individually what to change (e.g., security, individual apps and tools, hardware-component drivers). This is the way Windows 7 works, and there is no reason for Microsoft to usurp that power from the legitimate Windows users with 10.

kevnb412d ago

its not looking good, android and ios are proving that people will accept being 100% locked down.

donthate412d ago

The reason is simple, when you don't patch your system and become part of a botnet that DDOS, well that isn't just your problem anymore. For the greater good, this is the right thing to do.

Sorry, if that makes you feel like you lost control.

annoyedgamer412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

"for the greater good"

The worse mass murdering regimes in history have always justified their atrocities as an action "for the greater good". There is no end to that line of thinking.

KingPin411d ago

forced updates have both advantages and disadvantages.
System is always up to date.
loopholes/bugs are fixed.
apps always stay up to date giving you the latest version.

sometimes newer updates tend to mess with the performance of your pc.
you have no control over what gets updated.
sometimes the latest version of apps isnt the greatest and you wish you could go back to the old one.

so it just depends on how you look at it i guess.

i mean you wouldn't be happy if the OS was just released as is and no further support was given. i mean what you got out of the box is exactly what you paid for right. you didn't pay for updates/patches that come along afterwards.

annoyedgamer412d ago

What about the advertisements? Or the fact that I can no longer control my own operating system?

zodiac909412d ago

I cant tell you how annoying it is that whenever I have some important work on my pc, it warns me that in 5 minutes it will reboot and update regardless. It cares more about a bullsh*t update than about MY WORK! ME! THE PERSON WHO BOUGHT THE DAMN THING IN THE FIRST PLACE!!

masterfox412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

Windows 10 is so damn unstable piece of...., when the updates starting rolling in my PC got so damn unstable, random freezes, 4 hour update, unable to lock my screen, unwanted windows updates I can't disable, unable to turn ON my PC from sleep mode, etc. Good thing I did a dual boot well actually I had a triple boot the other OS is Ubuntu :D, so now windows 10 is gone from my PC and went back to Win7, so everything is good, oh btw I was using Win10 pro.

KingPin411d ago

whoa...i've never experienced anything close to that. i honestly feel 10 is certainly an upgrade over 7. it could be poor driver support for your hardware that's causing such issues more than windows being the actual problem.

but yeah, i agree with you. the best way to use a pc is to have another os alongside windows. i use linux mint. mostly cause its less resource intensive than ubuntu but still gets the jobs that i need done.