Linux Makes Mainstream While Fans Don’t Notice

Carl Williams writes, "One thing that fans of Linux complain about is that it is not accepted as well as they would like. This leads to lack of software, games and lack of general understanding by non-fans. This is something I find funny about Linux though as it has far surpassed Windows and other operating systems. It did it years ago and is showing no signs of stopping either. How? By using another name."

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KingPin920d ago

linux mint has been my primary OS for years now but theres just no escaping windows. at some point, i'll have to boot it up for a specific application that just doesn't work as well on linux/wine.

triverse920d ago

Maybe someday you will be able to use Linux exclusively as you would like. The problem is that Windows is so entrenched on the desktop that it is hard to persuade development on anything else, even as an add-on if not exclusively.