10 Skills You Need To Get A $100,000 Engineering Job At Google

Google is among the most sought after employers in the world. Engineers are the rock stars at Google — and they're paid like one.

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Devil-X1330d ago

Finally, Some worthy piece of article from TOI after a long time.

TechImperia1330d ago

but i am not a engineer then how should i get job at google

Speed-Racer1330d ago

Then you need to become an engineer. Duh. Or you can get a sex change and apply to be the sexy secretary.

KingPin1330d ago

apply to be the janitor instead. everyone needs clean toilets. google is no different.

TechImperia1330d ago

The real question is will they pay me $100,000 bucks for being a janitor?

mydyingparadiselost1329d ago

No, they won't, but you get to smell the feces of multiple 6 figure salary earners, and that's a gift you'll cherish forever... Or until you start spraying the bleach...

Sahil1325d ago

That is very helpful from Times of India, a lot of people are looking for jobs at google.