Cortana is now 10-0 with her World Cup predictions! The Netherlands and Argentina to advance?

Cortana has been on a roll lately when it comes to predicting World Cup match winners with a 10-0 accuracy rate - this is a 100% accuracy rate so far since the Bing prediction engine was enabled for Cortana.

Although some earlier matches were rather easy to predict, some matches weren’t – especially now that only top teams remain.

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MrOlympia741475d ago

I gotta say, I'm really impressed with Cortana so far. Cortana's also predicting Germany to Win against Brazil which if that happens will just be insane!

pickle12341475d ago

Some of these predictions were pretty easy, but the France and Germany one was a tough call. I wonder what would happen if Cortana gets everything right. That will cause the world to explode. Lol

sandysea1475d ago

Wow she's awesome I would put my money on her! Too bad she can't predict the stock market this accurately.

blacktiger1475d ago

those who are impressed, just don't get it. Predicition works with numbers, this happens at casino and gambling on sports. Tht's how odds work, even expert loses. So Cortana doing great is pretty average for gamblers!

jguzmanr811474d ago

Ok so Cortana is good with numbers then!

360ICE1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

It's obviously not average to do great. If it were, odds would be adjusted thereafter. You'd get quite a decent check from getting all those games right.

I'd imagine no numbers would have predicted Costa Rica beating anyone, but Hellas, for instance. Or Chile - Spain, or USA - Portugal, Ghana - Germany, and so on.

So why is she right every time? Well, there are literally millions of people trying to predict the world cup. Some of them are bound to be right about everything. Last world cup, a squid got every one of Germany's matches and the world cup final right.

jguzmanr811474d ago

I liked Paul..too bad he's gone.

LightDiego1474d ago

Show more respect to the squid, his name was Paul!

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