This windmill extracts drinkable water from thin air

Eole Water is currently testing a wind turbine that is engineered to pull water vapour from the atmosphere and turn it into gallons of fresh, drinkable water even in the driest of regions such as the African deserts.

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SouthClaw696d ago

Would be amazing if it worked. Would help to create cities which could not be made before. Shame it will probably be snowballed.

ironfist92695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

Its already been done with Billboards which absorb moisture over night and provide clean drinking water for its citizens.

GEO9875696d ago

Doubt this would catch on, to much complications

cyclindk696d ago

Moisture vaporators? Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops farm boy.

Soldierone696d ago

Would be interesting to see, but I'm more curious to see how it effects the enviroment when it gets bigger. Will it make dry places even worse? Will it cause problems with rain clouds?

We already have systems that put moisture into the air, so it makes sense to reverse that and take moisture out of the air.