An Introduction to 5G Technology

EFY: Even as 4G mobile telecommunication standards slowly gain in popularity, there is already talk of the fifth-generation or 5G standards that will further enhance communications on the move.

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imXify1482d ago

Let's get faster interwebs with ridiculous bandwidth caps. I'll stay with 3G thanks.

egidem1481d ago

Don't forget your complementary addition of more pixels on the screen, faster processors, more memory but never an increase in good old battery life.

kingPoS1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

What's the point if data caps don't raise concurrently with the transfer rates. That's akin to diving a Ferrari with cheap tires, or dining at an all you can eat buffet... for all of thirty minutes.

Bandwidth speed isn't the problem, it's how much of it we have access to. 6gb a month is no longer feasible for a single mobile, it just isn't enough anymore, not with applications becoming more & more data intensive.

1nsomniac1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

6gb a month on your mobile!!???

How is that not feasible? In fact how are u using more than's a phone?!!?

...Also neither of your analogies work 😜

bomboclaat_gamer1481d ago

you are so clueless
go hide under a rock

1nsomniac1481d ago

^^ Obviously!

The only possible reason you could even get marginally even close to that figure is if your downloading games & streaming HD content (even still both of these are compressed).

Why would you ever possibly want or need to do either of those things on a mobile phone. Surely you have tv's & PC/consoles where you're from? I'm never further than 2 foot away from all of these things even under this rock.

Axecution1481d ago

I get by with my 6 gig plan just fine.
I've almost gone over once, back when i had to stay at a internet-less motel for a week.

But 6 gig plans simply dont exist anymore. Or if they do, they're comedically overpriced (at least in Canada).

The standard is 1 or 2 gig plans and honestly that just would not be enough for me. :x

slinky1234561481d ago

I only see Sprint being the feasible enough company to pull this off with the amount of bandwidth they own.

sinspirit1481d ago

I'm waiting till my cheap android phone dies or the Phonebloks/Project Ara are released(if the prices are acceptable for the basic phones and the optional parts).

ironfist921481d ago


Our country is only JUST phasing into 4G.