How to get old-style Start Menu on Windows 8/8.1

This is the easiest tutorial you will ever find online on how to get old style Windows 8 Start Menu. Do you miss the start menu on Windows 8, or you don't care at all?

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thehitman1426d ago

Lol I was just researching the best way to do this and here it is... My last start application I got rid of. This one is a lot better.

umarsrao1426d ago

Thanks man! Let me know if I can you with anything else too. Do share this article and follow on Facebook and twitter.

3-4-51426d ago

Uhhhh Are people really that dumb?

I got windows 8.1 with my new comp in 2013.

Literally took me 5 seconds to see the Picture/Lable with the word DESKTOP on it in the lower left to click on that.


People still didn't figure this out!????

thehitman1425d ago

I had windows 8 originally from like 2012 when I bought my laptop and I upgraded it later to 8.1 and it did not come over with it even though I heard it had the start menu. I was using a program called Pokki to work as a start menu but I later got rid of it and wanted the standard version. Its definitely not clear cut and easy to get or figure out without having to look for a site and download something.

umarsrao1426d ago Show
gamernova1426d ago

I can't believe people still need the start menu Lol You can just type into the UI and it will take you where you need to go.

umarsrao1426d ago

I agree! But, start menu is here almost since windows came and it was one of the most useful things. SO, people still love it and that's the reason why this article is on the front page of :)

Speed-Racer1426d ago

@gamer - you are right. Even on win7, I type in all the programs in the search menu new rather than actually looking for it.

thehitman1425d ago

Not everyone likes to flip screens into the metro. I think its a stupid idea for doing simple things like looking for a program I just installed. Also they preload the metro with a lot of shit and I dont want to always search for the program its nice when its just there. Also the start menu is a good shortcut spot way faster than the metro for you favorite applications/programs.

wannabe gamer1425d ago

im still sticking to win7, my mother got win8 and she never really used a PC much before so me teaching her on win8 as her first experience isnt going well at all. i hate win8 with a passion and since everyone else we know has win7 she is lost when she tries to use anyone elses PC other than hers. Win8 just seems like unnecessary change that hasnt improved the experience at all. it just hides functionality under a layers of bright color and fluff.

Soupaman661425d ago

I already use an application like this around 2 years ago and people still are shocked to find one today. People need to spread the word about all these solutions to the problems people have. Many people like me are fine with windows 8/8.1 because if theres any confusion, we actually look it up instead of give bad reviews and steer people away. This is proof that people just dont want a solution until its right in their face. I bet people still think in order to search, they need to click the sarch button or use charms but really you could of just typed your words immediantly since the first day of windows 8. People really need to study their computer, do some research, and get some tech skills before claiming that its broken.