Puget Systems Refreshes Quad Socket Workstations

Maximum PC: Building quad socket workstations isn't new territory for Puget Systems -- the company's been offering such setups for several years now. However, the boutique builder just refreshed two of its models to offer more capacity, better cooling, and quieter operation. You can configure a Peak Quad Intel Xeon machine with up to 48 CPU cores and the Peak Quad AMD Opteron setup with up to 64 CPU cores.

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neoragex1477d ago

Easily able to exceed some $100,000.oo++ [plus tax with some of these configurations)

Sahil1477d ago

These quad socket systems are very OS specific. One will most likely only run a certain Linux distros or very specific Windows OS version such as Windows Server. Installing any other OS that isn't quad socket compatible will only be a waste.

Sahil1477d ago

In most workstation situations a dual socket or single socket will be more than adequate. And for some users out there that have to consider expansion and upgrades, the choice of hardware compatibility (and drivers) is critical. I noticed some readers mention the Mac Pro.

Sahil1477d ago

All in all, quad socket systems are only oriented for very specific uses and with very specific OSes. Add on top of that driver support. Best left for people with very deep pockets, budgets and very specific goal oriented computer uses.

neoragex1477d ago

Well interestingly enough, Mac Pros are the only computer Apple offers that is actually very hard to build something for the same price that's better. At least if you went to Newegg and started plopping down the parts.

Otherwise, compute wise I think the Mac Pro beats Puget's base system, since all it has for a GPU is a GeForce GT 610.

neoragex1477d ago

Man, I remember seeing one of pudget's systems on youtube one time with four water-cooled Opterons. I can only imagine the workload you'd néed to have one of these for...

Also, the trashcan pro can suck it!