Flappy Bird's Demise Spawns Wave of Cash Cows

Gamespesso writes: If you thought you’d seen the last of Flappy Bird, you thought wrong. Well, sort of.

After Flappy Bird disappeared from app stores around the world, other like-minded games flooded the bird-shaped void their predecessor left in an attempt to – you guessed it – cash in on creator Dong Nguyen’s immense success.

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Speed-Racer1682d ago

So tired of hearing about Flappy Birds.

aconnellan1682d ago

You and me both, my friend.

gizmig1682d ago

Don't have any idea why it is getting so much popularity.

Crazay1682d ago

one of the most shitacular games ever

Sahil1681d ago

We'll never hear the end of flappy birds.

Spiewie 1681d ago

Don't see how people enjoy getting mad so much. The game is based on frustration.