University paper predicts an 80% decline for Facebook by 2015

Softonic- A computer science paper from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University, has predicted a drastic decline for Facebook over the next few years, based on mathematical models of the spread of epidemics and the decline of MySpace.

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SJIND1554d ago

Facebook replaced MySpace, currently there is no better social network to replace Facebook so this not going to happen.

Speed-Racer1554d ago

Maybe there is but most likely you haven't heard about it yet.

Speed-Racer1554d ago

No, I'm not pretending to know lol, but Facebook was around since 2004 and barely anyone knew it would be the success it is today. Maybe the next network exists but it's still waiting to get traction.

coolbeans1554d ago

"Maybe there is but most likely you haven't heard about it yet."

Fakeblock's anti-social network is the next big thing. And I joined when it's still cool. 8)

Captain Qwark 91554d ago

"MyFace" is on the way!!!!!!!!!!

i just came up with it now. Its like Facebook but with less of everything its just "cool" because its not facebook. thats very similar to how facebook replaced my space

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iSpy1553d ago

Facebook replaced MySpace, new MySpace may replace Facebook.!!!

gizmig1554d ago

From my opinion, it not gonna happen in near future but if there is a bit decline in it then the new generation will surely balance it. :D

blacktiger1553d ago

If you guys didn't know, your smartphone is your social network. Instead of Facebook with apps. It's smartphone with apps. What's even better is that my mobile is the identity and I can use google+ and Facebook. Another word your smartphone is open.

Soldierone1553d ago

Id agree entirely, people just don't realize it yet. I think third party apps that connect all these networks together, but streamline new updates will be the replacement.

People don't want to post to twitter AND FB AND Google+ etc, so they just go to an app that does it all.

ajax171553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Facebook is pretty much for people 40+ now. Hell, my dad is on more than me.

360ICE1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

I'd easily bet 10000$ that this is not going to happen.

As the article touches on, what would bring about the end of Facebook?

Also, who has the budget and resources to cope with everything Facebook offers? Probably only a major company like Google, and they've already given it a shot.

Facebook is not just a social media website like MySpace was, and is, it's a network that offers a wide variety of services, and that already holds an enormous amount of earth's population.

blackmanone1553d ago

Do you... do you work for Facebook?

Of course it's going to be replaced. That's the nature of the beast. The only question is 'when' that will happen, not 'if' that will happen.

360ICE1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

I never actually said that it's not going to happen, eventually, as I agree - it probably will. But an 80% decline by 2015?

No, that sounds extremely unlikely to me. Facebook has a large cash capital to invest and reinvent themselves, and offer many services, all of which will probably not suffer an average decline that large by 2015.

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