Mars Rover will Continue Its Lonely Mission Even After US Govt Shutdown and Nasa Dead in the Water

WCCF: In some surprisingly good news we learned that the NASA Mars Rover Curiosity will be not cease in its symbolic mission, even though NASA has basically completely stopped in the wake of US Government Shutdown.

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xharrypotterx1712d ago

Glad to know shitty politics arent getting in the way of actual progress.

cococabana1712d ago

If Nasa isnt getting funds how will the Mars Rover team get paid? :P

codelyoko1712d ago

They Wont. The people there are dedicated enough to work without pay. When this thing resolves, then they get paid.

DarkBlood1712d ago

Now those are the kind of people that will get us to space without money being a total barrier

adorie1712d ago

Their pay is retroactive, afaik.

Codelyoko pretty much nailed it with better detail.

Lord_Sloth1712d ago

Robot don't need no government to do his duty!

biRdy1711d ago

Robot be like fuck the government

Thatmattkid1712d ago

Aww this reminds me of WALL-E.

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