iPhone, Windows Phone growing faster than Android in U.S

VentureBeat- The conventional wisdom in the smartphone market is that Android is overtaking everything else. But in surprising news released this morning by Kantar, Apple’s iPhone and Microsoft’s Windows Phone are actually growing market share faster than Android.

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ThePundit1047d ago

I'm surprised -- with all those dirt cheap android devices, I thought quantity sold remains with Android.

In2iti0n1047d ago

I guess people realized they don't want to feel "cheap" anymore.

Speed-Racer1047d ago

Are you guys seriously going to write off a phone because it "feels" cheap?

ThePundit1046d ago


I did not mean "feel cheap", I meant the inexpensive android phones that are available at sub 100$ prices off-contract.

These phones sell in a huge quantity, as they take on the feature phone market.

Captain Qwark 91047d ago

windows phone is awesome. id never go to anything else personally

mcstorm1046d ago

I agree I have had a HD7, HTC Titan and Lumia 900 so far and I am getting a Lumia 925 next month. The old windows phone is lacking apps is no longer true and After using Windows Mobile, Android and IOS over the past few years I don't see me changing from windows phone any time soon.

fatstarr1046d ago

Im glad people are starting to feel like this. :D I remember the early comments on windows phone, its slowly changing in a positive light.

Captain Qwark 91046d ago

I got one after researching the features of all three personally. Zune music was the biggest seller for me, iTunes is a crime compared to it.

nachokingp1047d ago

I think it's important to understand that "growing faster" doesn't mean "selling more than". Android still sells the most hardware, so it's harder for it to grow because it's already got a huge percentage of the overall sales, partly because of the aforementioned "cheap android devices". The market is getting pretty saturated at this point with smartphones, you don't see too many people buying flip phones any more. So there isn't a huge market for growth, and obviously they can't ALL really grow, so it doesn't surprise me that Windows Phone, which was coming from basically nothing, is growing faster than Android. Apple is a bit surprising since there haven't been any new devices released in a while.

Baka-akaB1047d ago

Most likely some people that switched from Iphone to android , based on hype meters , that came back .

nachokingp1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

Android grew too, according to the article. I'm sure there are converts in all directions.

fatstarr1046d ago

um do people forget when you are the Minority its easier to gain than the Majority...