Microsoft: Xbox One Available in November for $499

Maximum PC: As expected, Microsoft will make its upcoming Xbox One console available to purchase in time for the holiday shopping season. The console won't come cheap, however, as the Blu-ray equipped gaming device will command $499 when it ships in 21 countries this November, Microsoft revealed on the eve of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Setting the stage for a showdown with Sony and its competing PlayStation 4 console, Microsoft's pre-E3 event was mostly about showing off exclusive launch titles.

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mpctips2144d ago

That's about $100 more than what I'd like to see it priced at.

RyuX192143d ago

PS4 is a 100 dollars cheaper. Win.

The_Blue2143d ago

Back to Sony I go, it was fun M$

Anarki2143d ago

And £429 for folks in the UK. Nice currency conversion there, Micro$oft.

MajorLazer2143d ago

PS4! :D One costs far too much

Anarki2143d ago

I shall be purchasing myself a PS4 at launch, with out fail.

Fil1012143d ago

It's £349 in the UK and worth every penny.

zeddy2143d ago

good thing they left it right till the end. up until then they were having a really good show.

forum672143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

hahaa...50 min on Vita & Indie was lame and rest mostly on non-exclusive game and xbox backstabbing. Quite a professional way to show PS4 features in such a huge event. It is a professional product launch and not soap-opera.

I can buy 6 indie game for $1 on and can be played on any low end pc.

level 3602143d ago

I'll be getting XBox ONE but on a much, much later date.

Probably until they can match Sony including a good bundle deal.

forum672143d ago

I think many are ignoring the Kinect sales. PS4 + move is around $500 .

Wintersun6162143d ago

Kinect is mandatory with Xbox One. Move is not with PS4. Your point is moot.

badkolo2143d ago

well not really, while its mandatoryu , your also getting all those features which the ps4 simply doesnt come with