Three Strikes For File-Sharing Fails to Halt Music Sales Decline

Torrent Freak- For years, France’s adoption of the so-called graduated response for dealing with illicit file-sharing has been trumpeted by entertainment companies as a success story to be replicated around the globe. The only true barometer of success, however, is the sound of cash leaving customers’ pockets and into those of the entertainment industry. Just-released figures from the French music industry show that three strikes has done nothing to halt the decline – sales in 2013 are already down 6.7%.

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Settler2153d ago

In upcoming day we all going to read a news i.e "Six strikes for file-sharing fails to halt music sales decline in US"


evil_element2153d ago

Could it just be that artists and companies are going about selling their music the wrong way?

That the system is flawed and that people have turned to file sharing as way of getting music faster and cheaper?

That music industry has to re-think ho it should operate in the 21st century?