Kindle Fire HD or IPad Mini? How to Choose the Right Tablet

CDG: I understand the pain of shopping indecisively. All too well, believe me. It's like bustling around, doing errands on an empty stomach. You know you got to do them, yet your stomach makes you weak in the knees, and you're ready to vomit. Its hard out there. I know. And your money's tight. So when it comes to your gadgets, they are sacred. No? I'm talking about deciding on an Ipad Mini, or Kindle Fire HD, specifically. See, the Kindle Fire HD and IPAD Mini compete. However, cheaper off brand tablets are available. The price disparity can be an allure. Wait -- HOLD off your purchase. The article just began. I love the sturdiness of such a compact and portable device like the IPAD. Dependable. Its as if I've been teleported back in time. Here I was holding my most cherished toy. The Kindle Fire HD is the successor to the Kindle Fire. Other tablets exist in the market. Tablets such as the Nook HD and Nexus 7. Here, I'll be comparing and contrasting the IPAD Mini, Kindle Fire HD, an...

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