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Xbox One specs are boosted by "the equivalent of three Xbox Ones" in the cloud

OXM - We've been trying to work out what Xbox One's dramatic, potentially brilliant use of cloud processing resources to bolster its own specs actually amounts to. Once developers get to grips with it, you can expect interesting particulars. In the meantime, how about another hair-raising pie-in-the-sky statement of intent?

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-Mezzo-2159d ago

You know what this sounds like,... Damage Control.

Cueil2159d ago

no... it's the future

Max Power2159d ago

The future of damage control.

Cueil2159d ago

Sony will be doing the same thing... this is the future... we may get one more console generation.... though that's unlikely

thechosenone2158d ago

The issue of latency is still a huge problem with this tech and considering that you need a decent connection to get this to work smoothly which most in the U.S. don't have I don't know how MS are going to get this to work properly.

aviator1892158d ago

so...explaining how your product works and what powers it is damage control??

I thought that's what companies do when they show off new hardware?

Baka-akaB2158d ago

You act as if they explained anything , it's just a bunch of vague mumbo jumbo so far

aviator1892158d ago


no, they haven't, but neither has sony..

mrbearbear2159d ago

sounds good, to bad it would cost a fortune.

SkullBlade1692158d ago

I'm not buying that junk.

I want my games to be running on hardware locally that I own, so I guess the Xbox One is out of the question for me.

I don't see the point in buying a full priced game console and then have to run games off the cloud anyway...

LordDhampire2158d ago

Sounds like some bs for the general consumer idiot who doesnt know how technology works