Amazon Warehouse Workers Sue Over Security Checkpoint Waits

Huffington Post- Whenever he clocked out after his 12-hour shift at an Amazon warehouse, Jesse Busk had one more critical task to perform before he could hop into his car and head home to sleep: Pass through the sprawling warehouse security checkpoint.

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-Mezzo-2143d ago

If i had to go through a 25 Minute security check before i left for home,... Heck I'd Sue.

fatstarr2139d ago

workers sue the MTA (trains/buses in nyc) claiming the trains make them up to 2 hours late for work.

Drivers sue other drivers for making them up to 45 mins late for work because of the traffic on the roads....

if its company policy , signed in a workers agreement then they cant do bunk. its a good measure to keep theft down. 25 mins is too long I agree but it seems necessary.