How to Save the WhatsApp Profile Pic of Your Contacts Quickly on Android

TechFlashed : WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS.Because of privacy concerns WhatsApp does not allows you to download Pictures of your WhatsApp Contacts,However for some devices there are option to save the profile pic of your whatsapp contacts.

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Settler1892d ago

If rooted, simply open the image and use screen shot feature of custom rom :)

Speed-Racer1892d ago

What kind of a phone do you have? Most modern day phones have a screenshot feature as part of the stock ROM.

Settler1892d ago

I'm sharing just a way for those users who have Galaxy ace, galaxy y and device from same series who don't have one click option to grab a screenshot.

And currently I' have Galaxy S3 :)

Settler1892d ago

I know this tweak, but sometimes this methods annoy a bit. So its better to have one click screen grabber option just like Galaxy S3 and related devices have :)

SnakeCQC1892d ago

or you could hold the power and volume down button for 2 seconds on standard os

gunnerforlife1892d ago

LOL why do i need to root my phone? when i can open the picture and screenshot it :/ takes 2 seconds, Galaxy s3.

Why o why1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Galaxy s3

My files/all files/sdcard0/whatsapp/profile pictures..


If you click on an updated profile pic the old one of the same contact will be overwritten by the new one.....