Facebook Home officially announced; shifting focus from Apps to User Experience

Vyralize: After years of rumors, Facebook has announced Facebook Home for Android. They have redesigned the interface to focus less on apps themselves and more on the user experience.

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Settler1597d ago

why don't you wait 10-15 to cover the whole story instead of 3-4 lines

SquishyGorilla1597d ago

Because, unfortunately, Newsboilers are always about the first post, regardless of quality. One of the downsides to Techspy

Vyralize1597d ago

I am so sorry my friend. It's been updated.

I don't think I will be installing this. Who says I want to use just Facebook and Instagram alone?

newsguy1597d ago

I don't want this update

fatstarr1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

man f*ck them they can really go f off them selves.

fb was pro apple for the last 4 years and now out of the blue they see that android is what users use? I rather them just fix the shitty app. I mean you have 1000's of programmers how hard is it to make an app less buggy.

I do it, people in universities do it. teams of 4 do it. like shame on em.

this is a joke tho. everyone is putting all their eggs in this social networking stuff. its past the saturation point.

who wants facebook to be the overlord of their phone so they can data mine even more.

SJIND1597d ago

Is that it? Facebook Phone is nothing but a free app??

Plagasx1597d ago

Cool, something else to keep humanity further away from reality.

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