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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1038d ago | opinion piece

6 killer Mac features we'd love to see in Windows PCs

PC World - Even if the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence, there's nothing wrong with tossing the occasional glance at your neighbor's fetching petunia patch. What, weak metaphorical analogies aren't your thing? Let's start again then.

Say, Macs have some enticing features, don't they?

Wait! Before you grab your pitchfork and start screaming for blood, remember that a deep-seated love for all things computing-related is literally a job requirement here at PCWorld. That said, Macs are PCs, too, and Apple's computers sport several stunning OS X specialties that have no native Windows analogue. (Mac, PC hardware, Software, Windows)

-Mezzo-  +   1038d ago
This will probably never happen, Microsoft loves to Fcuk Up...On Purpose.
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fatstarr  +   1038d ago
they have alot of this, its just not mainstream or universal.

it never will be.

notifications are available, but who wants all their social network stuff spewing to their desktop.

messaging is a good feature tho, id like that.
galest  +   1038d ago
RetrospectRealm  +   1038d ago
These are the 6 features you picked?
mcstorm  +   1037d ago
Ok is this guy got a very one track mind. Windows 8 has all of this apart form Universal power adapter design but Microsoft don't make the hardware for any laptops or desktops at the moment so they don't have control of this.

Frequent operating system updates
MS have said they are doing this with Windows 8 and Blue is the 1st.

Retina displays on laptops this will not happed as its an apple product but we will see Samsung or sony high end displays on there own hardware running windows 8.

Messages Come on Windows 8 has Skype which is used across all MS products and can be used on IOS, OSX, Android and many more.

Notification Center Windows 8 has live tiles so there is no need of a center as its on your start screen.

iCloud document syncing Microsoft have Skydrive which again is available across all platforms so why use iCloud as this can only be accessed by Apple products.

For me there is nothing on here that would make me want to buy OSX over Windows 8 as Windows 8 has more options from software to form factors.
No FanS Land  +   1037d ago
iCloud can be used on a PC, it is also an e-mail account provider.
mcstorm  +   1037d ago
I know iCloud can be used on a PC but you cant use it on a Windows Phone, Blackburry or Android device. That is my point, Why use something that can only be used on one type of device when things like Skydrive, DropBox, Box ect can be used on many different ones.

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