VLC for the new Windows 8 User Experience ("Metro")

OnSoftware Blog- VLC media player for Windows 8 is being developed as a Kickstarter project by VideoLAN, and yesterday the team shared some screenshots showing the progress they are making on the app.

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Settler1787d ago

Double bonus, you don't have to pay single penny :D

kingPoS1787d ago

I was wondering when they were going to show their hand.

Gondee1787d ago

Love VLC! When all else fails, VLC will play it

frjoethesecond1787d ago

True. I don't like VLC much, but like you said, I can rely on it if MPC won't work.

Crazyglues1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

It's about time... OMG!.. I've waited so long for a Metro windows 8 app version... Finally

I mean the reg version works fine but I always wanted something that could look nice in the windows 8 start screen...

-and this looks really good.. can't wait

jknext1787d ago

VLC is my default player and I'm waiting for the Metro version too.

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