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castAR team ships out first pair of AR glasses, more to follow soon

6h ago - The castAR team has just shipped its first pair of augmented reality glasses, a year after it rai... | Gadgets

Smart earrings can monitor your health even when you're in a dress

8d ago - Sure, there are high-tech bracelets out there that can show you texts and reminders, but you're m... | Gadgets

10 Crazy Kickstarters That Might Actually Work

9d ago - Over the past couple of years, Kickstarter has become a huge part of the startup community. Th... | Culture

For $100 you could have an internet-connected litterbox

9d ago - We have a few different ways to make sure our cats are eating, but what about tracking the natura... | Gadgets


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Everykey Wants To Put Your Passwords On Your Wrist

14d ago - The password as a digital authenticator is under more strain than ever. But is the answer to memo... | Gadgets

Mozilla's Matchstick Dongle Nearly Quadruples Funding Goal, New Features in Sight

34d ago - Maximum PC: It only took 24 hours for Mozilla's Matchstick HDMI dongle to reach its targeted $100... | Gadgets

Router that anonymises internet activity raises $300,000 on Kickstarter

38d ago - Anonabox, a device that re-routes data through the cloaking Tor network, is tool for freedom of i... | Gadgets

An Umbrella That Protects You From Rain With Just Air, But Only Lasts 30 Minutes

39d ago - The umbrella market is ripe for innovation, and regular ones just don’t cut it anymore. So one Ki... | Gadgets

Neutron Mini PC Fits in Your Palm, Sports Haswell Hardware Inside

44d ago - Maximum PC: A longtime reader of Maximum PC discovered his passion for building computers from re... | PC hardware

The Top 5 Kickstarter UK Tech Projects‏ For October

45d ago - Here is a list of current UK Kickstarter tech projects that are live right now in October, and st... | Gadgets

Virtual Reality is Headed to iOS Devices with AirVR!

60d ago - Virtual reality has been a popular topic ever since the Oculus Rift was proposed on Kickstarter.... | Gadgets

Kickstarter Pick of the Week: The Slice Media Player from Five Ninjas

84d ago - If you’re a media nut, you know it’s not always to get a file from the device of your choice to t... | Gadgets

‘Coolest Cooler’ inventor explains how he raised $9 million on Kickstarter

87d ago - Ryan Grepper tried raising $125,000 on Kickstarter last year for his geeked-out cooler, but fell... | Culture

The NuevoBar Automatic Cocktail Maker heads to Kickstarter

90d ago - There are numerous gadgets that help get you up in the mornings and ones that keep tabs on your f... | Gadgets

The runScribe can Crunch the Data behind your Strides

92d ago - There are several different types of fitness trackers, but the runScribe is built with for one pu... | Gadgets

Sun Strap – Solar Charger that fits any bag

94d ago - Sun Strap Solar Charger is a strap you can attach to anything containing a flexible solar panel w... | Gadgets

MIOPS: A New High Speed Camera Trigger You Can Control with Your Phone

125d ago - MIOPS is a new smartphone-controlled camera trigger created by the minds behind the Nero Trigger.... | Gadgets

CATCH the CA7CH Lightbox Before Its Kickstarter Ends

127d ago - Owen from Entertainment Buddha writes "With a prompt halt to the awful wordplay jokes, we at Ente... | Gadgets

Console OS Gets Funded On Kickstarter, Aims To Bring Android To The PC In A Non-Sucky Way

131d ago - Running Android on a PC seems like a good idea, until you actually look at the logistics of makin... | Software

A Guy Raised More Than $3 Million On Kickstarter By Reinventing The Cooler

132d ago - An Oregon man who set out to reinvent the familiar cooler you take to the beach or on camping tri... | Gadgets

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

It’s probably a trap: Star Wars fans can now fund new Death Star on Kickstarter

135d ago - Is this the death of crowsourcing? Nope. Only the death of the human race, it seems. A Manchunian... | Culture

Kickstarter campaign for potato salad tops $50,000

137d ago - USA Today: Kickstarter backers seem to have an intense craving for potato salad. What start... | Culture

The Daymak Beast E-Bike launches its Kickstarter Campaign

142d ago - Back in May Tech Oven covered an electric skateboard, and now we’re back with another unlikely el... | Gadgets

Kudoso Router Lets Kids Earn Internet Time for Doing Chores

143d ago - Maximum PC: We're a connected society, and if you let your kids run rampant on the Internet, they... | Web

Kickstarter’s $299 SYNEK craft beer dispenser brings brews to the home

144d ago - There are two things that have not been seen overtly holding hands before — beer and technology —... | Culture
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