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STREAMZ Smart Headphones Bring Direct Music Streaming Without A Smartphone

11d ago - Streaming music is typically handled on your smartphone, and then pushed to your headphones or ea... | Gadgets

The affordable Micro 3D printer heads to Kickstarter

12d ago - 3D printing is cool, but largely ignored by the average joe as they are pretty expensive for a ga... | Gadgets

Neil Young Takes to Kickstarter to Launch iPod Killer

39d ago - The Web Graffiti: "Adrenalin pumping, flashing lights, people screaming, percussion’s drumming, k... | Gadgets

Flappy Bird in a Box becomes Kickstarter to help teach electronics

45d ago - Geek: As part of the madness surrounding the Flappy Bird craze in recent weeks, one engineer crea... | Software

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

King's Assembly Peripheral Consolidates Mouse, Keyboard, and Joystick

59d ago - Maximum PC: You never know what you'll find when browsing Kickstarter, the crowdfunding site that... | PC hardware

Kickstarter Suffers Security Breach

62d ago - TechRaptor - Law enforcement officials contacted Kickstarter earlier this week and alerted them t... | Gaming

Paradise Desk on Kickstarter Boasts More Connections than a Hollywood Agent

197d ago - Maximum PC: A person could argue that not nearly enough attention is paid to the computer desk, t... | PC hardware

Pressy is a Magical Android Button You Can Kickstart

232d ago - Clickonline writes: "Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Kickstarter for the Pressy has been a little bus... | Gadgets

Maximum PC | Kickstarter Games That Raised Over $1 Million

248d ago - Maximum PC: While Kickstarter sounds like an indie game developers dream come true, many games do... | Gaming

Kickstarter Boots 'Where the Wild Things Are' Sequel to Avoid Legal Squabble

285d ago - Maximum PC: Kickstarter isn't some fly-by-night website that nobody's heard of. Just the opposite... | Culture

David Gerrold Tries Kickstarting "Star Wolf" Novels to Television

338d ago - Maximum PC: There are several ways you might be familiar with David Gerrold. We've had the pleasu... | Culture

Stinky Footboard Controller Skips Past Funding Goal

348d ago - Maximum PC: Imagine using your foot to cast a spell or to kick an opponent in the gut when he cha... | PC hardware

VLC for the new Windows 8 User Experience ("Metro")

381d ago - OnSoftware Blog- VLC media player for Windows 8 is being developed as a Kickstarter project by Vi... | Software

Ouya's $100 Android Console Launches June 4, Will It Succeed?

386d ago - HotHardware: Ouya yesterday began shipping its $100 Android console to early backers of the proje... | Gadgets

Amiigo: The Terrifying, Omniscient, Fitness Bracelet

386d ago - Planet Ivy: Like most things in life, Kickstarter style projects have always been a bit hit and m... | Gadgets

MiiPC: The Android-powered PC that lets parents monitor what the kids are doing

387d ago - Pocket-Lint: A new Kickstarter project that promises to make kids' gaming at home a lot more fami... | PC hardware

9-Year-Old's $20,000 Kickstarter Campaign Draws Scam Accusations

389d ago - HuffingtonPost - Susan Wilson describes launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise $829 with her 9... | Web

3D Printed Robotic Hand Hits Kickstarter

404d ago - NRM: "Robotics have rarely been described as cheap, and when it comes to hands and arms this is e... | Culture

Check out the Top 5 Kickstarter blockbusters

404d ago - Cnet: The top five crowd-funded projects on Kickstarter that have raked in over a million dollars... | Gadgets

3Doodler World's First 3D Printing Pen Annihilates Kickstarter Goal

423d ago - writes: "3Doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen, has surpassed its Kickstarter... | Gadgets

Kickstarter: The Official App Lands On App Store!

428d ago - iPhonBuzz: Time to time we share with you the most interesting Kickstarter projects that deal wit... | Software

'Mycestro.' Wearable 3D Ring Computer Mouse Launched On Kickstarter

428d ago - NRM: "Nick Mastandrea, founder of Innovative developments, is seeking funds from Kickstarter for... | Gadgets

X-Wing Squadron Seeks $11m On Kickstarter In Response To Crowd-Funded Death Star

434d ago - NRM: "The Rebel Alliance have started a Kickstarter campaign, requiring $11 million for an X-Wing... | Culture

How Kickstarter is Robbing Donors Blind

447d ago - theBitFix writes: Crowd-sourcing is the newest trend to sweep the internets and take the whole wo... | Culture

Apple Guideline Changes Give $140,000 Kickstarter the Green Light

480d ago - Mashable : POP charger, a $140,000 Kickstarter project to create a universal charger for phones -... | Industry
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