Woman breaks into house to browse Facebook, police say

Cnet-A student at the University of Georgia allegedly breaks into another woman's house and takes over her laptop. Purely for social purposes.

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Mark4841857d ago

LOLZ. Might Facebook will be the reason of world war 4 :P

sourav931857d ago

Wow...didn't know we'll be skipping WW3...just to keep things fresh...

AJ Hartley1856d ago

Where not far of ww3, korea just need to go crazy and ah shit here we go again.

kevnb1856d ago

im not as worried about korea as I am the states.

fatstarr1857d ago

this is probably what she was trying to do.


also what a silly woman, who doesn't password protect their operating systems...

and what another silly woman, who leaves their pw credentials logged in...

frjoethesecond1856d ago

That's some very black news.

Speed-Racer1856d ago

Even the reporter made it sound black. *smh*

SnakeCQC1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

I've always thought maslows hierarchy of needs should be updated to include internet usage etc

edit:just read the article and have no idea what to think lol she peed on the couch wtf

KrimsonKody1856d ago

Hey guys!
Don't be so hard on her.
She only needed to update her status with an "GMFB".
Don't you know what would happen if she did'nt?