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Producing the battery of the future on the cheap

Vyralize: Imagine being able to charge your cellphone in 1-3 minutes with enough energy to last for two or more days? It’s possible with a “supercapacitor”, but the base material has always been very expensive to manufacture…until now.

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Vyralize1884d ago

Wow, that is sick! Can't wait for this to available to consumers. Sick of my phone dying within a day.

mcroddi1884d ago

This has been an issue for years.

frjoethesecond1884d ago

So now phone manufacturers will triple phone power consumption so phones still only last one day.

f7897901883d ago

Well there is still the issue of heat. As long as they don't put a fan in a phone, they'll be limited by it.

Speed-Racer1883d ago

Shhhhhhhhh! Don't give then ideas.

RonyDean1883d ago

Nice! Glad to see they are working on some better tech.

JohnnyAkiba1883d ago

Tesla needs that tech, and all car industry.

Qrphe1883d ago

If there are more advancements on this, we may see their stock go up considerably.

frjoethesecond1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

The new Boeing jet that relies on li-ion batteries for rudder power and can't get approval because of it could benefit from this tech.

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