NCTA admits data caps are about making money, not preventing network congestion

Vyralize: The National Cable and Telecommunications Association president has admitted that data caps and usage-based pricing has been put in place for ‘fairness’ purposes and NOT because of network congestion.

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Vyralize1975d ago

He finally admits this?!

Speed-Racer1975d ago

Speak the truth? Pfff... Blasphemy.

ArmrdChaos1975d ago

Communication companies are just as bad as the petroleum companies. Rape and pillage with an army of lobbyists to defend (bribe) their cause.

SKUD1975d ago

No surprises here. Same thing can be said for wireless data caps.

dachiefsman1975d ago

His analogy in the article is a farce. "Fairness" he says, well I can make an analogy to: If I go to the Golden Corral and pay 10 buck and eat to my hearts content, but if I wanted to I could just go for one plate of food.

The difference between this guys analogy and mine are choice and penalty. If you want more you pay more, but you taking more really doesn't affect our bottom line thus were will make you pay.

Speed-Racer1975d ago

Excellent summary. They have more than enough bandwidth to support both super and low bandwidth users. Also, the service will always be an unlimited resource. Just ridiculous how much these guys charge, especially in areas where they hold a monopoly.

MikeMyers1975d ago

What they should do is offer better value for those who don't use it much. Start low and then go from there in a tiered format. Don't start in the middle and go higher just because you can. People who conserve energy do it for cost savings. If I buy a plan and don't use the full amount do I get a rebate? No I don't.

fatstarr1975d ago

took them how many years, smh its all bs [IAB]

all hail the mighty euro its not even the dollar anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.