Former Microsoft executive says CEO Ballmer culls internal rivals to retain power

(Reuters) - Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Steve Ballmer is not the right leader for the world's largest software company but holds his grip on it by systematically forcing out any rising manager who challenges his authority, claims a former senior executive who has written a book about his time at the company.

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fatstarr1917d ago

lmao the first comment on that site.

day made

Revvin1917d ago

Its crazy how Microsoft had a good working mobile operating system years before Apple and Google developed their own and yet have such a small slice of that market now and largely cling to a hardware manufacturer who also threw away their market dominance.

ArmrdChaos1916d ago

Ballmer is an idiot and should have been gone the moment Gates stepped down. His "vision" is as about as near sighted as you get.

SKUD1916d ago

Agree. With Ballmer at the helm. MS will continue to be reactive and not proactive.