Facebook announces Graph Search, an easier way to stalk friends and strangers

Vyralize: Facebook has detailed the 3rd part of its Open Graph plan, called Graph Search.

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Speed-Racer1861d ago

Yup, because I needed an easier way to stalk my ex -.-

Good thing I don't use Facebook beyond the few personal interest groups I am part off.

fatstarr1861d ago

LOL Facebook goes there again. pulling features from myspace and repackaging it one year at a time.

Crazyglues1860d ago

oh really I didn't know this was from myspace... never did use that site..

-I guess they are running out of good ideas.

konnerbllb1860d ago

I never did. After myspace went down I figured what's the point. Live my life offline.

steve30x1860d ago

People still type ppl instead of People? Its the lazy persons way of typing.

Deku-Johnny1860d ago

Thank you, Zuckerburg. I'm happy you're making it even easier for me to participate in my favourite past time.

Mark4841860d ago

bad author of this post !!! Edit image Its Facebook not fakebook... LOLZ