How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 10 In Windows 8

iTECHBOOK : How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 10 In Windows 8

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Speed-Racer1969d ago

Weren't you the same guys telling us how to install IE10 in Windows 8?

jknext1968d ago

Can I restore it later?

wishingW3L1968d ago

Of-course. The tittle is misleading, you can't uninstall IE from Windows because it is an integrated service of the OS.

Rawaha1968d ago

i think you can restore it again. All you need is to download it once again so to re-install it.
well let me try this myself and i will get back to you on this.

DivineHand1251968d ago

Why would anyone want to uninstall IE. It has features that are important to the OS and also some programs need it in order to connect to the internet.

SilentNegotiator1967d ago

Alternatively, you can set up a phony proxy server and disable it anytime you use a program requiring it.

That way, malicious software will be all like "DURRR WHERS DE INTERNETS?"
And legit programs will be all like, "Thank you, my good doorman"

Speed-Racer1968d ago

Set Firefox or Chrome as the default browser. End of story.

Rawaha1968d ago

Yes its a quite simply way. But there are some software which integrate with IE that's why some people want to uninstall it because every time they run those software IE pops up automatically and many time it also hangs down as well

Speed-Racer1968d ago

But then you'd basically screw up the system if it can't load IE. Pretty sure they'd encounter errors. For instance, MetroTwit uses IE to load OAuth to verify your Twitter account. Most systems running Win 8 are powerful enough to load IE10 without any stutter. It doesn't mean that the user is going to spend all day browsing the web with it.

SilentNegotiator1967d ago

The bigger concern is VIRUSES making use of IE's swiss cheese defenses.