The 8 biggest product flops of 2012

Products with high expectations, matched with a minimal amount of consumer interest.

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blogger871999d ago

Apple Maps, Sony Tablet P and Ultrabooks are perhaps the biggest of them all, then again John Carter probably lost a fortune for the production company. I think they missed "The Last Resort".

ABizzel11999d ago

Seeing John Carter & PlayStation Vita on this list is disappointing. I recently watched John Carter on Stars or HBO, and it was actually a good movie. Not great, but easily enjoyable. I put it in the same group as The Mummy (Brenden Fraiser's), Van Helsing, Indiana Jones, and all those other feel good action-adventure movies. The budget was ran up trying to make it another Avatar (which I though was overrated). However, it wasn't as big of a flop as the industry makes it. Like they said the budget was $250 mil. it did 100 mil. in theaters, and it's likely to make another 50 mil. back via DVD sales, streaming sales, and cable viewings, but yeah it's still a 100 mil. loss, so you can bet someone lost their job.

The PlayStation Vita is another unfortunate one. Hardware-wise, interface-wise, and quality-wise it's the best handheld ever. The library of games are striking a good point, and PlayStation Plus offering 6 really good games for free is aiding in getting people playing. The problem with the Vita is the PRICE, MARKETING, and competition from tablets and cheaper devices. $250 is a decent price for the tech you get, but you can't explain that to a parent well when you're not getting all the latest apps, a 7" - 12" screen, and more. On top of that the memory cards are outrageously expensive, and for a device that's trying to go full digital having the largest memory card (32GB) at $100 is ignorant. On top of that Sony has failed to market anything about the Vita in a positive way. It's currently marketed as a PS3 you can take with you, but only hardcore PS3 owners want that, everyone else will just buy the PS3 FOR THE SAME PRICE. They need to drop the price of the VIta to $199 that comes bundled with 1 game, 1 month of PS+, and a 4GB memory card (to get rid of all the 4GB). Cut the price of the memory cards by 50%, and add a 64GB and 128GB cards. And finally market the Vita with it's own image, however, make the consumer aware that it works best with those who have a PlayStation.

pompombrum1999d ago

Have to agree with the ridiculously priced memory cards for the Vita. I was going to pick one up when they was on sale until I realized it didn't even have internal memory.. one look at the cost of memory cards and was instantly put off. In today's age, that's just daylight robbery.

ABizzel11999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )


Don't let that stop you. There are some decent deals going on now with PS Vita's as well as Memory cards.

There was a Vita bundle on Amazon for black friday that was the Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation bundle, 4GB memory, 1 month PS+ for $179 (best deal thus far).

But currently you can buy a used Vita for $119 here:

Also is selling the memory cards for 20% off, but the 32GB was being sold for 40% off (it's out of stock). $60 is still high for 32GB, but the best deal I've seen on it since launch (Hate I missed that $45 sale). Take the ad to a store that price matches you can get a Vita and 32GB memory for $180 (BEST DEAL EVER).


I see the price went up to $80 on Try using the dealnews ad first, since it's still listed as $60.

Veni Vidi Vici1999d ago

I'm with you on John Carter. It was a solid movie. I'm not really sure what people hated about it. I think its problem was poor marketing.

Also, that alien dog thing is one of the coolest creatures I've seen in a movie in a while.

mcstorm1998d ago

The surface is not a flop. It was never expected to sell like the ipad. If ms were going to push the surface like apple did with the ipad it would be in every store. The surface is about showing everyone else how a windows tablet should be.

I disagree about ultra books to as what people keep forgetting is the main people who will buy them are business and business are not spending money like they were as times are hard. I work for a it company and we have upgraded more memory in our customers pcs than bought new ones because they are all scaling back. Even dell and hp now offer 5 year extended support on there servers because they know people cant afford to upgrade them after 3 years.

I agree about the other stuff though the psv is getting better sales now but it is looking like another slow start for sony with there latest console but i cant put mine down at the moment it has some amazing game for it.

Wikkid6661998d ago

MS sold almost 3 million units. Which isn't great, but you have to remember that they were only sold by MS directly. They only have 50 retail stores and their online store. I think it was meant to be a soft release.

SnakeCQC1998d ago

lol apple maps was soooo bad that when google maps was rereleased it caused 10 MILLION users(within 48 hours) to flock back making it most quickly downloaded app of all time

The_KELRaTH1998d ago

Surprised the Lumia 900 is in there as it's a good smartphone though Nokia & MS marketing is just nuts. You don't release a new phone and then value the previous version as near worthless.
Better to run out of stock of the current model and just replace it otherwise the consumer see the new phone as not worth buying at the premium price as it becomes far too expensive if worth nothing in a years time.