Advanced humanoid Roboy to be ‘born’ in nine months

KurzweilAI: "Meet Roboy, “one of the most advanced humanoid robots,” say researchers at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the University of Zurich."

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Lord_Sloth2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Advanced midget assassins due out in 12 months.

level 3602000d ago

There is already a company somewhere in the U.S. where they are trying to build a number of robots at a loss simply because the need for them in the future are going to be the norm.
These robots essentially were built to be given/assigned specific tasks to deal with almost anything and everything to assists humans at home or in their jobs.
In my opinion of the video - what they are trying to do is also make them aesthetically pleasing/acceptable, dressing them to look human-like.

360ICE2000d ago

Fun fact: Japan funds robot development, because they need someone to take care of their ageing population.

pandehz2000d ago

John Connor wont be too happy about this

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