How To Run Popular Audio And Video File Formats in Windows 8 By Installing Codecs

WML Cloud - Windows 8 Codecs is a codecs pack for Windows 8 computers, which upgrades your media player with up-to-date codecs, so that you can playback all major video and audio formats such as AMR, OGG, OGV, OGM, RMVB, APE, EVO, Xvid, DIVX, MKA, MKV, Flac, FLV and others.

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Crazyglues2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

I already play everything with a little app called -VLC player- .. :)

wishingW3L2008d ago

I already play everything with K-lite. ;)

Gamesgbkiller2007d ago

Same here..Its the best one out there for me :)

CraigandDayDay2008d ago

There's always a workaround for stuff like this. Windows Media Player needs to get with the times and stop being so restrictive.

vitz32008d ago

Unfortunately it's not as simple as them being restrictive. The licenses to many codecs are owned by other groups/companies and Microsoft cannot legally include them with the OS or player unless it licenses them. Easier for them to stand back and let the user deal with it if needed instead.

Even when installing a Linux Distro you usually have to install "free" codecs from restricted packages and such to get the codec libraries.