Facebook to sell access to your inbox for a dollar at a time

Daily Mail-Facebook has launched a pilot scheme selling strangers access to users' inboxes.

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Mark4841980d ago

I think it is not a good idea .Now by are becoming money minded.!!!!

Lord_Sloth1979d ago

Why don't they let ME charge the dollar? It's my inbox anyway.

KingPin1979d ago

facebook is a business. businesses need to make money.
if they dont charge you, they need to make money elsewhere, and what better way than to sell your ideas, thoughts, knowledge to people willing to pay for it. who knows, maybe they ready to advertise something to you based on something you told someone you like.

facebook is a bullshit. i dont use it. after doing a shit load of research on facebook and its servers, i do not trust it at all.

iamnsuperman1979d ago

Terrible idea. I had a situation where someone messages me and it went to the other box as weare not friends. Now I wanted that to go to the normal boss because I didn't see it for 2 weeks and it is rude not to reply to someone. Now I wish Facebook just concentrated on making those situations not happen than doing this small fee thing. A: normal users just aren't going to bother. B: the people who will bother are businesses which essentially makes the whole two inbox thing pointless

kingPoS1979d ago

I 'see' now! FB make money off on how you socialize with people. Of course they've been known to give a nudge or two to help you along.

Where's the myspace of old when you need it?