Google Blames Nexus 4 Shortage on LG

Maximum PC: Google's Nexus 4 debut is an prime example of how not to launch a product. There's nothing wrong with the hardware, mind you, it's the lack of availability that's driving potential buyers batty. How could Google have so ineptly predicted the strong demand than an unlocked and affordable smartphone running the latest version of Android would elicit? That's a great question, and Google is content to partially pass the buck.

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newsguy2036d ago

that's a positive problem to be out of stock

justinbkerr2036d ago

Not surprising. Don't think LG was ready for the crush.

jack who2036d ago

i blame it on a 800$ phone been sold for 300$

KingPin2036d ago

hopefully HTC gets to make the next nexus.

i think google should be fair and give all the companies pushing android to make their nexus phones.