Microsoft Launches Anti-Google Campaign: Don’t Get Scroogled

Softpedia: Microsoft continues its fight against Google with a brand new campaign called “Scroogled.” Basically, the Redmond-based technology company is trying to bring Google’s unfair practices in the spotlight, as the search giant has converted its shopping results to paid ads.

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KingPin1998d ago

whats weird about this is if you actually go to the source, scroll down to "MUST-READ RELATED ARTICLES", you'll see
"Microsoft Will Make $94 Billion (€71.2 Billion) Using Google Technology"

and they still complaining.

kingPoS1998d ago

Why are they being bitter? They're still getting paid.
Sometimes corporate actions don't make any sense.

edward32221998d ago

My Microsoft sounds so jealous :P

sjaakiejj1997d ago

When a company feels the need to attack another company through a campaign, I'm only more inclined to go with the company that is being attacked, rather than the attacker.

It comes off as rather desperate.