Samsung Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Apple

Techologie- If Apple has done anything right it would definitely have to be mobile phones. Apple revolutionized the mobile phone market and started a mobile phone movement that has changed all of our lives. Sure there were Blackberry’s and PDA’s that handled most business folk needs, but what about the everyday consumer? By creating a mobile operating system that is incredibly easy to use, Apple has effectively changed the way you and I handle our everyday tasks. Android is also a great mobile operating system, however, there are a few key things that are holding Samsung back from truly beating Apple at its own game.

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raytraceme2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )


No removable battery??? Why most consumers would rather have an exchangeable battery. Everyone I know would rather have an iphone with a replaceable battery not the other way around.

A better than retina display??? Does this author know what he's talking about? A lot of android already have this "better than retina" display. The s3's only issue is pentile which the s4 will probably take care of.

This website has nothing but dumb and non tech smart idiots writing for it.

iNFAMOUZ12076d ago

Galaxy Note 2 is non pentile

frjoethesecond2076d ago

That's one more reason to want a replaceable battery.

SnakeCQC2076d ago

when i switched from the iphone 4 to galaxy nexus i didnt like the pentile display at first because fo some crazy article condemning them but as i got used to it it looks better IMO as the blacks are deeper and when you crank the brightness up it doesn't wash out the image

iNFAMOUZ12075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

@racer-x what do you mean and? it means it a good thing durr

Speed-Racer2075d ago

@iNFAMOUZ1 - trying to make the connection between your comment and the one above. he talks about the S3 and potential S4. There is no mention of the Note 2, so I found your comment a bit random.

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caseh2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )


Lol, you do realise that is effectively a pro-Samsung article right?

I don't agree what the article says about removable batteries or the build quality (My S2 has taken a beating and its in perfect condition) but the Retina display comment is quite true.

Apple were clever enough to name their display, fanboys can throw about the term 'Retina' without knowing the technical specs simply as it has a name. Its just like Sony touting the almighty 'Cell' processor or the SNES having 'MODE 7' capabilities.

Most people don't even know what these things are but its a gimmick that makes marketing something a lot easier.

pompombrum2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

I dunno, I personally thought Android phones were easier to use than iphones. For one putting music across is a lot easier and no messing around with itunes either.

Can't comment personally on the latest models of both companies but I upgraded from a 3gs to a galaxy 2 and had no concerns about the build quality. My new phone was bigger, looked nice and felt snug in my hand once I got used to the size difference.

Screen wise my galaxy 2 was far superior but I'm sure apple have improved on their screen since the 3gs.

Still though, internal/external battery argument? That's about as petty as it gets. It's nice to have the option to change batteries when you're away on a long flight or something.

Seems to me like the article writer is a bit of an iphone fanboy and looking at things through rose tinted specs.

Speed-Racer2076d ago

Here's an opinion, how about every manufacturer just do their own thing instead of trying to be like Apple?

M_Prime2076d ago

it sounds like when the author talks about the Retina display he is saying that Samsung (in this case) just needs to make up their own word lol.

also the internal battery would go hand in hand with design, having the removable battery requires you to give up a little design. Also how many of us actually have multiple batteries? i tried that once when i had the Nokia 6770 (back back back in the day) and i felt that the extra battery was a waste of money 99% of the time, i even had a nokia battery charger so i could charge my spare without using my phone. its almost like the people that carry around extra SD cards with content, i mean yes they exist but are a small yet vocal part of the internet.

admiralvic2076d ago

The battery remarks are mostly over replacement, than having several to swap around.

M_Prime2075d ago

i guess, i mean by the time my 3Gs hit 3 years i was tempted to change the battery but i ended up getting a new phone (5) because the 3Gs was just old and slow.

What i said originally was also was because i read someones comment before (not on this post, but another post) about changing batteries if you are on a flight or something.