Hubble Captures Deepest View Of Space Ever

NRM writes "What you’re seeing above is the most zoomed-in photograph ever created. Dubbed the Xtreme Deep Field (or XDF for short), the photo is a follow-up to the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field photo created late-2003 and is composited from over 10 years’ worth of data, and one that combines over 2000 images of a small window of deep space."

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SilentNegotiator2092d ago

Like you'll even leave your galaxy.

Puny human.

Goodfella782092d ago

To think we are alone in the whole of space is just plain foolish,i always have and always will believe there are many other civilizations out there,both much more advanced to our own,and some less advanced,life is not an accident or freak occurence its part of the purpose and plan of how it all started all those billions of years ago,religion is a joke regardless of what religion it is,it has caused more death and human to human evil than any epidemic or world wars combined,religion is and always has been a poor explanation of alien contact for thousands of years,i mean for goodness sake the egyptians the mayans stonehenge the list is endless,they all drew pictures of the aliens in caves pyramids in books and scriptures(etc)how much more proof and or clues do we need? plus the premise of god comes from our ever impending fear of death,we all wish for a life after death because the thoughts of dying and there being nothing after death scares the heck out of us...

Ben_Grimm2092d ago

Maybe they were drawing comic book stories or writing fiction as we do now for television and movies. Wouldn't it be great to go back in time just to discover that the people who were drawing on stones and scriptures were nothing more than nerds with great and wild imaginations.

Maybe there is life out there but if there is they are certainly not advanced enough to travel the great distance across the universe to come here and make contact.

And I do believe in God. You believe in aliens and distant worlds that you have never seen or heard of but yet you don't believe in a life after death? I find that strange.

Goodfella782092d ago

I have no proof theres no god,as others and myself have no proof of no aliens i like to think i look at things from a more scientific point of view rather than spiritual as the bible attempts to portray,its simply my opinion thats all,and i believe more in life on other planets because if it happened here it could easily happen somewhere else in the ever expanding and crowded vastness of space,i mean hey i believe in ghosts and in fear of sounding like a fruit loop will admit to having spooky experiances before,but again i think of that also in a scientific way as in we are a mass of energy with a meat and bone chassis to aid us in life but when the body fails the energy must go somewhere and not just vanish in thin air,but whether its a soul that goes to heaven well? hmm who knows however all this is theory just in my opinion some theorys are more believable than others dont get me wrong infact i hope im wrong and after we die we exist forever at the pearly gates of heaven,but i suppose we will all have to wait till our times up to find out thats the catch 22 of the theory of god...peace...

NewMonday2092d ago

as a muslim I already believe in other sentient species, "Jin" they are not exactly demons as they are often depicted, they can be good or evil just like humans, they can also be religious or atheist.

also the extent and of creation is infinite and anything is possible.

madjedi2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

@ben grimm

"Maybe there is life out there but if there is they are certainly not advanced enough to travel the great distance across the universe to come here and make contact." That just reeks of pure arrogance, if there is a milky galaxy civilization/s we are the butt of the joke or one of the examples of the fairly primitive civilizations.

Really we have been around for what maybe 200,000 yrs. The question isn't can alien societies millions to billions of yrs old, travel the vast distance to reach us. The real question is why bother visiting a primitive race, that still behave like a bunch of mindless savages.

If narrow minded fools like you were in charge we would still be living in caves.

A gamer is making a statement like this, that is even worse, look at how far technology has developed in the last 60-70 yrs.

Another person with their head throughly up their ass when it comes to technology, btw genius we very likely have several neighbors in just our mliky way galaxy alone.

"You believe in aliens and distant worlds that you have never seen or heard of but yet you don't believe in a life after death?"

Yes because we have reasonable thinking, have detected planets that could support human life and because our 1 solar system has spawned us.

The odds that the million or billions of other stars in our milky way galaxy also could have planets with life growing add evolving, are too great to just ignore the possiblity.

Versus people adamantly proclaim the saw the light to heaven and was comforted by a familiar voice.

Sorry to break it to you, but the man upstairs concept gets more ridiculous as we, stop being mindless obedient sheep and actually learn why the universe and it's forces work the way they do.

Ben_Grimm2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

"The real question is why bother visiting a primitive race, that still behave like a bunch of mindless savages. "

That's a real question? For who? Our primitive race for example, how many times in the past did we travel to other lands by boat to find tribes and other natives that were primitive. That didn't stop more advance civilizations from exploring other lands. We are still exploring and finding new things.

You mean just because in your opinion (by the way) that a race is sooooo advance that they can't be bothered with us. And how can you prove this? We as people still study microbes and one cell organisms, the most basic and primitive and yet we still study these things.

Scientists are realizing and believe that there are actual parallel universes and alternate realities. Who's to say that one of these parallel universes isn’t the afterlife? Scientists are also realizing that nothing is coincidence and that something bigger is definitely out there. What caused the big bang? You think it just happened on its own, out the blue? And we detected a planet(s) that can support life, please point me to the links of this discovery.

I love this attitude people have that don’t believe in god towards the people that do. It’s like this arrogance, I’m better than you cause I don’t believe in God and I'm so cool. So they close their ears and walk away. Almost sort of like some religious folks, oh the irony.

These atheists always attack, point and call names, very juvenile and childish. Here I am just an ordinary gamer, poor me for not having any opinion on any other matter, forgive me oh great keyboard warrior on the internet named MAD JEDI! Hahaha, Like a guy who's a Jedi is an authority over a gamer?

Plus I never said there wasn't any life on other planets I said MAYBE because we haven’t discovered any yet. But you are so quick to attack and become a comedian that those simple things escaped your grasp.

You speak of mindless sheep but then again you are handed the same information and you believe it. How long did you believe that Pluto was a planet before it was proven it wasn't? Yet i bet you still considered it a planet right? Did that make you a mindless sheep with your head up your ass?

I am also a Muslim and our religion does tell us to question everything and to explore your surroundings and everything in the heavens too. So please don't lump me in this fictional fantasy that people like me would still be living in caves, because i love my flat screen TV and 360 in my 3 story house.

Thanks Mad Jedi, may the force be with you.

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Pushagree2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Life after death is the biggest scam that humanity has ever forced on us. The fact that you could somehow remain consciously aware of yourself after the organ responsible for that has died and stopped functioning is just a self-imposed delusion that organ creates to cope with what it already knows will happen. We are just like light bulbs. One day, we will burn out and the light will fade. It won't go somewhere else.

cleft52092d ago

Please provide factual proof that there is no life after death because your statement clearly shows that you think there isn't any life after death.

Pushagree2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

What you're asking me to do is prove a negative, which is a logical fallacy. I can't prove such a metaphysical concept anymore than I could prove for sure that there are not molemen living in the earth's core. However, it's pretty safe to say that there are not any molemen based on lack of evidence for them and scientific proof that the earth's core is far too hot to sustain life.

NewMonday2092d ago

that is where faith comes in

if this could all be proved or even disproved there wouldn't be a point to this mortal life.

-Gespenst-2092d ago

You're too closed minded; too locked into a exclusively scientific mindset.

Everything is cold and logical and dispassionate to you. The fact is that humans are just as lost as they've ever been. You can hide behind your logical rules and "natural laws" and your systems, but it's like building a treehouse in a wilderness, it'll come crashing down eventually.

I'm not condemning epistemology, but you should really be more open to the radical contingency of the human condition and of reality. Everything is in constant flux.

As for spirituality, you must understand it's importance in life. And I'm not necessarily talking about God. It's the magic, the mystery and the possibility that pervades everything in life, and once you take that away, once you conceptualize life as devoid of it, life just becomes emotionally impoverished. People become detached from life, view it from a distance through their apparati and their cold, calculating terms.

The atheism of this generation is completely shallow. It excludes so much, and it's so wilfully ignorant. It hacks a sliver off of life and the universe and claims that's all there is. We're immersed a scientific culture that's gotten much too big for it's britches. People really need to be a LOT more humble and a lot more open to possibility.

Atheism has become as dogmatic as Christianity. The absolute audacity of crudely denouncing culturally, historically and spiritually rich religions as superstitious is just pure arrogance. It's a trend that needs to die.

Darrius Cole2092d ago


Actually you could prove that there are not molemen at the core of the earth if you looked at the core and saw no evidence of it. The difference between that and the afterlife is that no-one has looked at the afterlife and comeback to tell about it. Well a few have, or as I'm sure you would say, claim that they have. But I'm sure you don't believe them.

Straightupbeastly2092d ago

There is life after death, the thing is, we just don't know we're living again.

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cleft52092d ago

The core tenant of science is to base a conclusion or statement off of a fact not conjecture. When you talk about something that you can't prove you are talking about your belief. You have no proof of alien life, that is your belief. I have no proof of the existence of god, that is my belief.

So before you start in with your all religion is false stuff, please recognize the fact that you cannot disprove the existence of god and if you can prove god isn't real please do so and save us all the trouble of believing in something that doesn't exist. It is pure arrogance and ignorance to think that you have the question of the ages figured out when you don't a single ounce of proof to back up your statement. Oh and pointing out that others have no proof that god is real, doesn't mean that you have proven god is not real.

madjedi2092d ago

Again another religious idiot that thinks we are the only intelligent species because a book written about god says so.

Is it an unwritten commandment that thinking is prohibited if it contradicts the various religious beliefs.

All i can say is thank god, religion and their borderline prehistoric ideas are so throughly removed from scientific research and discovery.

Religion isn't all bad per say, but it's time of controlling people and inhibiting the advancement of our scientific and medical knowledge is thankfully diminishing.

But maybe if western religions weren't always needing excessive amounts of money and having scandal after scandal of priests sexually abusing young boys.

With little to no punishment, the rest of us cynics wouldn't view religion overall with such contempt.

Religions need to adapt to a population that isn't the illiterate mass, searching for any comfort they can get from their harsh lives.

If that includes stop demonizing gay couples for their lifestyle so be it, society's goal should be to keep the good people on the honest and noble path.

And redirect people turning toward/already on the dark side back into the light. - murders, rapists ect Unless you make it capital crimes.

SilentNegotiator2092d ago

I believe there are other planets with life, and I don't know if I believe in religion or not, nor do I think it matters;

1) Life happens from extremely circumstantial occurrences and it's likely in our galaxy of undetermined size (the only certainty; it's big) that there is more.

2) There's a God that created our universe out of boredom, and he most certainly made more on a rainy day, whether he mentioned it or not.

SilentNegotiator2092d ago

*UNIVERSE of undetermined size

Straightupbeastly2092d ago

Aliens never visited earth that was just their imagination. They were able to build those structures because they were way smarter than us and more determined than we can imagine. they were one with the earth. Our homes to us was like earth to them.

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Goodfella782092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Did you even bother to read my last post properly? and by the way science is full of theory and or conjecture einstein and stephen hawking to name a couple say hello,and no im not comparing myself to them people intellectually nor do i think i know something everyone else doesnt its not about what i know its about what i think. and not about trying to change yours or somebody else s mind,its about my opinion,and my opinion is if life happened here then why not somewhere else,this planet and the life on it including myself is all the proof i need that there could be life out there also,and were finding more and more information and discoverys about space all the time,but proof of religion remains to stand still from thousands of years ago and still today,so before you bash me with your virtual bible and attempt to twist my words please remember the internet is also a place of billions of opinions amongst other things...peace out...

krisq2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

And I believe in period between sentences. Pretty sure it exists.

-Gespenst-2092d ago

Wow, very beautiful picture. Still as dark as ever out there though haha.

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