Why Apple's maps are miraculous

Techradar: The release of Apple's new Maps app has been great news for the tech community. Just last week the iPhone and iOS were widely dismissed as boring; now, we're having a hoot at their expense.

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KingPin2042d ago

lolz so it looks good, but gets you lost. miraculous indeed

fatstarr2042d ago

it looks so next gen. I need an iphone 5 right now

to experience a bigger super advanced futuristic screen
the best camera since dslrs suck
great mapping features
Panoramic pictures, it just came out today when the iphone 5 launched.
great cost efficient connectors so my old wires are new wires.
aerodynamic crack proof screen
ios6 is the best

**** things iphone 5 users and potential buyers believe.

Gamefan122041d ago

yep they believe it sadly

Gondee2041d ago

That was a worthless article. Someone should have this post removed