Anonymous Takes Out Go Daddy

The Escapist: You may have noticed that Go Daddy, the largest internet domain registrar and web hosting company in the world, isn't currently online. You can thank Anonymous for that, specifically @AnonymousOwn3r, the "security leader" of the amorphous internet collective, who claimed personal responsibility, independent of Anonymous, for the attack.

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thebudgetgamer2081d ago

Good work taking down small businesses that use it. I'm sure they deserved it.

sikbeta2080d ago

Gotta fight the man bro!


fatstarr2081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

Aint that some shit. hopefully we get a break in my webdev

Kurylo3d2080d ago

Yea this is messed up. How can they claim to be for taking out corruption when they take down everyone. Its like saying your going to kill all terrorists by commiting mass genocide with 1000 nukes.

zag2080d ago

lol, I think the idea was to screw up the DNS side of the net so lots of people all over the world and probably themselves can't get to addressees anymore.

bright spark we have here.

360ICE2080d ago

Ok, Anon, everyone know you can do things now. When are you going to start doing useful things?

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The story is too old to be commented.