McAfee Says Malware Threat Biggest It's Been in Four Years, Puts "Mac Fanboys" on Notice McAfee Labs noted in its second quarter Threat Report for 2012 a 1.5 million increase in malware since the previous quarter, and claims it detected the largest amount of malware in four years. Moreover, McAfee put "all Mac fanboys and -girls on notice" that Mac malware is steadily growing.

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thebudgetgamer2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

You can tell this guy is a mature "journalist", because not being anti Apple clearly makes you a fanboy.

mpctips2057d ago

It's McAfee that referred to "Mac fanboys and -girls" in its Threat Report.

thebudgetgamer2057d ago

I realized that but it was too late to edit, my bad.

TheGamingArt2057d ago

LOLZ, way to scare Mac users * cough not cough*

thebudgetgamer2057d ago

What I really don't get is wouldn't they want theses Mac fanboys to buy their products, seems like a bad way to entice new customers.