Could the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Fly

Wired : Could something like this really fly? Let me see if I can use my approximation from the human powered helicopter to estimate the amount of power needed to fly this thing.

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Crazyglues2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

ha...ha... seriously does anyone even have to ask this Question?

Of Course it could not really fly.. Has anyone ever seen the Parrot AR.Drone -

Looks how small and light that thing is, and it needs wings that big just to fly..

so now think about an aircraft carrier.. LoL you would need chopper blades the size of 4 football fields... LoL - Never mind the power needed.. the blades sure as hell would not be as small as in the movie...

They would have to be huge, just picture the Parrot AR.Drone in Aircraft carrier size...

bigfish2120d ago

We can send Man to the moon, but we cant get that thing to fly!! c'mon guys, wake up and smell the coffee, anything is possible if you have belief.

chriski3332120d ago

Hey if thor is real and jump to and from galaxies then hey why not a flying air carrier right?.......... Oh yea forgot its a MOVIE!

AO1JMM2120d ago

not just no but HELL NO!

Hozi892120d ago

not with modern technology, otherwise you'd see it already.

iamnsuperman2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

I think it has less to do with modern technology than practicality in a military context. It would be ideal to be able to move carriers with ease and makes moving them a lot quicker. However, what military use is a flying aircraft carrier when aircraft carriers are used from distances so there not usually in direct line of fire. So the cost aspect to get an aircraft carrier to fly as well as move in the ocean is an unnecessary one.

Somebody2120d ago

It took a single explosive-tipped arrow to bring the ship to a critical state.

Imagine a volley of missiles or some sort of explosive accident in the storage/hangar bay could do to it.

wishingW3L2120d ago

because he knew where to aim....

Somebody2120d ago

Doesn't matter and mostly for dramatic purposes since the Avengers were bickering in the room next to/not far from the explosion.

When the helicarrier started rising from the sea, I was amazed. I wasn't expecting that.

Then, I saw the huge fans lifting it from the see...the first thing that came to my mind was "Missile Magnets!" I don't have to be a scientist or military genius to know where I should attack. Those fans were just screaming (or glowing brightly if they are in a game)for you to bomb them to pieces.

f7897902114d ago

You wouldn't bring it into battle in a flight state. That would be stupid. It's just to move it faster so you don't have to spend a month crossing the oceans.

Somebody2113d ago

True. That's what its cloaking ability for but once a full out war break out the sky would be filled with all kinds of electronic surveillance and space would be littered with spy satellites. Would it be strange seeing a flight of jets circling around an empty stretch of sea several thousands of feet in the air as they wait for the rest of their flight group clear the deck and get into formation? Seeing planes suddenly appearing/disappearing out of thin air?

During the Battle of Midway, an American bomber squadron followed a lone Japanese destroyer back to its carrier group which was in the middle changing its weapons. Imagine a squadron of enemy stealth fighters (let's try the huge Chinese J20) visually following a flight of F35 back to a helicarrier. A concentrated initial cannon attack on the huge fans might be enough to put the flying ship in danger. Hell, even dropping some dumb cluster bombs above the fans would be more devastating - the fans would just suck those hundreds of bomblets in.

Yes, a carrier should be used away from the main battle but war doesn't always play by the rules.

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