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Could Windows Phone and Android Team Up to Beat Apple?

Pocketnow: The two underdogs here are Android and Windows Phone — and they’re both in a unique position: Apple doesn’t like either of them.
Apple is methodically removing everything “Google” from the iOS platform and replacing it with their own stuff. Granted, their stuff is pretty snazzy, but they are driving a wedge between their former rival.

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duplissi2129d ago

ahem... i wouldnt call android an "underdog" considering it owns the majority of the smartphone market...

android is definitely a bigdog... in fact the biggest of them all.

Moentjers2128d ago

Well... they own the market of the "(very) cheap" phones. Not everyone with an Android phone has a IIIS. The majority of these so-called smartphones run several versions behind (60% Gingerbred 2010).

duplissi2128d ago

even so, there are still millions of the flagship class phones out there now.

razrs, evos, one series, gnex, gs2, gs3, meizu, etc.

if you just consider high end android phones then they are at least a close second to just ahead of ios.

Petro2128d ago

How does it matter how expensive the device is? You either are the market leader or not.

Moentjers2128d ago

If I would develop software, I would want it to be able run on as much as telephones possible.
Look at Nokia, they also had the greatest part of the market but no influence in the high-end range. Once you lose the business-market, things can get worse very quickly.

Well, just curious what will happen when Microsoft will join the party at full force !